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Visit El Comedor restaurant in Las Chafiras!

Amarilla Golf Tenerife - Club News

“Tuesday Tossers” trip to the North.



Mid May 2009 saw the Tossers and some paying guests head up to El Peñon in the North of Tenerife for breakfast in ‘The bunker” bar/café followed by 18 holes in drizzly, overcast conditions. After a long trip home, due to traffic jams/road works, dinner and prize giving was held at La Cabra restaurant in Las Chafiras. See photos.


Amarilla Golf Club Tenerife

Proposed Fixture List For The Period January To March 2009
Majors In Bold Type - Qualifier Competitions Indicated Thus


President - Antonio Tavio                                                Captain - John Brooksbank


Proposed Fixture List For The Period January To March 2009

Majors In Bold Type - Qualifier Competitions Indicated Thus *

January 2009

Thur 1st            Goulash                                                                             Stableford        Yellow Tee

Sun 4th                         Ray Love New Year Trophy                        Stableford        Comp Tee*

Thur 8th            Texas Scramble                                                              Medal              Yellow Tee

Sun 11th           North v South (4BBB)                                                      Matchplay        Comp Tee

Thur 15th          Individual Medal/Stableford                                                                  Yellow Tee

Sun 18th           Winter K.O. Qualifier/Monthly Medal          Medal              Comp Tee*

Thur 22nd         Winter Knock-Out 1st Round                         Matchplay        Comp Tee

Individual Stableford                                       Stableford        Yellow Tee

Fri 23rd                         ANNUAL DINNER DANCE

Sun 25th           Augusta Park Trophy                                                Stableford        Comp Tee*

Thur 29th          Winter Knock Out 2nd Round                                    Matchplay        Comp Tee

American Stableford                                        Stableford        Yellow Tee


February 2009

Sun 1st             Residents v Swallows (4BBB)                         Matchplay        Comp Tee

Thur 5th                        Amarilla Alliance                                             Stableford        Yellow Tee

Sun 8th             Millennium Trophy                                        Stableford        Comp Tee*

Thur 12th          Winter Knock Out Semi Final                                   Matchplay        Comp Tee

Sun 15th           Captains Tie                                                   Stableford        Yellow Tee

Thur 19th          Individual Stableford                                       Stableford        Yellow Tee

Fri 20th                         HORSE RACE EVENING

Sat 21st                         Winter Knock Out Final                                Matchplay        Comp Tee

Sun 22nd           PRESIDENTS DAY                                       Medal              Comp Tee*

Tue 24th           Les Perry Memorial Trophy                                     Medal              Yellow Tee

(Texas Scramble - Themed Teams Of Four With Essex Police Playing For A Trophy)

Thur 26th          Monthly Medal                                                            Medal              Comp Tee*


March 2009

Sun 1st             Goulash                                                           Stableford        Yellow Tee

Thur 5th            Fairways Trophy                                            Stableford        Comp Tee*

Sun 8th                         Bogey/Par                                                                               Yellow Tee

Thur 12th          Pebble Beach Trophy                                     Stableford        Comp Tee*

Sun 15th               Hidden Partners                                                           Medal              Yellow Tee

Thur 19th          Amarilla Alliance                                             Stableford        Yellow Tee

Sun 22nd           CAPTAINS DAY                                            Stableford        Comp Tee*


Tue 24th           Ladies v Gents (4BBB)                                                Matchplay        Comp Tee

Thur 26th          Texas Scramble                                                           Medal              Yellow Tee

Sun 29th           Pam Cowan Mixed Greensomes Open                      Stableford        Comp Tee


April 2009

Thur 2nd           Captains Drive Out/In                                                Stableford        Yellow Tee


All fixtures are subject to change


Any player without an up to date registered Amarilla Golf Club Handicap (recorded on handicap board) must  produce a current Home club handicap certificate and a current playing record to be eligible to win a prize.

Amarilla Golf Club Tenerife – Horse Race Evening

Amarilla golf club is holding a social event as a fundraiser for the Captains charity on Friday the 25th of July 2008. The event kicks off with a champagne reception at 7 PM, the first race is at 7.30 PM and the last race at 10 PM. Captain John Brooksbank and Vice Captain Ian Pilling are hoping that as many members as possible will make an effort to support the event to raise funds for those less fortunate than ourselves. There will be a buffet included in the night’s entertainment, all for the princely sum of 10 Euros. Tickets From John Brooksbank (922 737027) or Ian Pilling (922 717607)


Amarilla Golf Club – Anniversary Trophy 2008

Sunday 4th May 2008 saw the turnout of Amarilla Golf Club members for the annual anniversary trophy tournament; an eighteen hole competition held in medal format. The usual tough conditions of sunshine and a breeze that stiffened a little as the morning wore on made this an enjoyable, ‘glad to be alive day’ for most of us. As always there were a few Amarilla members who wished that they’d stayed in bed rather than play golf badly but there are many people in the world with far worse things to worry about than a poor game of golf!

A novel twist was added to the competition when a ‘book’ was run on the entries and a ‘form guide’ was produced by vice Captain Ian Pilling. A novel and humourus touch which also raised money for the Captain’s charity.



J Jones. Performed well on her last outing. Needs to stay out of bunkers to have a great chance. Whispers suggest she can go much lower. Chances

J Brooksbank. Winner of a major already. Known as “the Captain”. If he putts well, he could go very close today.

J Masters. Recovering exceptionally well. Already a Board winner twice off a lower mark than today. Could be very good value if the weather is kind.

R Massey. A three time Board winner and could easily take the honours today. A consistent performer with a good all round game. Fancied

T Clarke. Visitor with a very low handicap.

D Smith. Difficult to assess recent form due to only occasional outings on this course and distance.

B Massey. A winner of two board competitions already. Needs a kind 12th tee to maximise her performance!! Good putting could see her go very close today.

G Lavelle. Whispers suggest he is driving the ball very well. A past winner over this course and distance in competitions. Contacts suggest he performs best in low/no wind conditions. Fancied

J Fallows. A winner of over 12 Board competitions. Recent form suggests he is playing well and, despite the handicapper bringing him down a shot he remains very hard to oppose. Connections suggest he cannot play off white tees.. Fancied

B Masters. A winner of over 12 Board competitions who goes to post with a relaxed outlook but ignore at punters peril!! Fancied

D Cox. A consistent performer over many outings. Always there or thereabouts and pressing to win a major this year. Dark horse

G Warner. If this competitor played as well as he is respected, he would win everything!! Needs his seven wood to work from 30 metres close to the green to have a significant chance today.

I Hooley. A winner of over 11 Board competitions. On his day, can be competitive with, and beat, the very best. Due a win and can go close, especially as defending champion today. Fancied.

B Roe. A competitive player who loves his golf. Recently figured in a team competition. Cannot be discounted off his handicap mark today.

J Cowan. Would win every competition if the rules allowed we could choose our best 16/18 holes. Already a Board competition winner and just needs some luck to go very close today. Fancied

P Ferraby. Won a major on his first outing. Relishes a challenge and on current form is certain to give a good account of himself. The handicapper has shown some interest in him, so may not be at this handicap for too long. Fancied

A Mathais. A young golfer with a tremendous future in the game. If he finds his A game today, will certainly be there or thereabouts. Won the club championship handicap prize last year. Fancied.

J Kay. Is showing signs of a return to form following injury. Hopefully the outing yesterday will not hamper her chances today.

R Leadbeater. The current Club Champion. A wonderful golfer who can be guaranteed to give 100 per cent on every outing. A 4 of majors already and sure to be very close today. Fancied

I Sharp. A very low handicapper who already has a dozen major wins under his belt. No stranger to winning big competitions and sure to be in the mix come 2.30pm today. Past form in majors is a respected plus. Fancied

G Bickerton. A 6 time Board winner who has come back from abroad showing some exceptional form. Whispers suggest he had an excellent round yesterday and could be hitting peak form. Fancied

D Davidson. A consistent performer who rarely puts in a bad performance. Whispers suggest he may not be 100 per cent fit at the moment. However, beware of the injured golfer who, if fit, can go very close today.

M Watson. A three times winner of Major competitions. Always tries and just needs a little luck around the greens to go close today. Would be a very popular winner today.

P Cowan. No stranger to winning major competitions. On her day, she is capable of coming very close. Loves pressure shots as proved by a three-wood at 16 to 4 feet to help secure her team’s victory earlier this year.

A Bolsover. A very low handicapper who, on his day, is capable of shooting a very low score. Needs everything in his favour being off such a low mark. Yet to win a major and today may be his day.

R Carless. Saint or sinner today? Exceptional when good making him a worry for anyone calculating odds. At his best and off his mark, he will be very difficult to beat. A potential real danger today. Already won a major.

C Jenkins. Already scored since recently joining. A low handicapper who is playing well enough to attract the interests of the handicapper. Loves today’s format over this course and distance and is sure to go well today. Fancied.

A Murphy. Already featured on the major listings. He is very keen to see the handicapper reduce him further. Long and straight hitter who, with a strong putting round, is bound to go very close today. Fancied.

A Almond. Winner of four board competitions and celebrated success in minor club competitions this month. Contacts suggest he prefers the alternative tees to white but still a major threat today.

E Greygoose. Won over a dozen Major competitions. Hits the ball very straight and has a good short game. His previous record in majors speaks for itself and has to be respected. Fancied.

S Bonner. A single figure player who plays good golf. Not very experienced over this course this year but could be a dark horse that sneaks in today.

S Johnson. Already a major winner off low handicap mark. Loves competition and will be wanting to do very well today. Whispers suggest he is bang in form and will go very close today. Fancied.

A Watson. Recent winner of the monthly medal and bang in form at the moment. Bound to be confident after a great win and will be looking to add to his tally of Board wins today. Fancied.

E Wearing. A mid handicap golfer who is capable of quietly sneaking up and pulling off a major victory today.

D Walker. A very good golfer who has yet to step up into the major winners circle. With a bit of luck today, he has the capability to end that streak and a win today would surprise few people.


Name Gross Hcp Nett Score New Ex. Hcp Comments
MR E WEARING 84 14 70 13.7 After Count - Back
MR A MURPHY 77 7 70* 6.2 Lowest GrossAfter Count - Back
MR E GREYGOOSE 80 9 71 8.6
Mr C JENKINS 81 9 72 8.6
MR A MATHIAS 79 7 72@ 6.6
MR A BOLSOVER 79 6 73 5.9
MR I SHARP 80 7 73 7.0
MR D COX 87 13 74 13.1
MR R CARLESS 95 20 75 19.7
MR S JOHNSON 81 5 76 4.7
MR J COWAN 87 11 76 10.8
MR S BONNER 90 13 77 12.8
MR G BICKERTON 79 2 77 2.2
MR R MASSEY 89 11 78 11.4
MR R LEADBEATER 80 2 78 2.3
MR B MASTERS 88 10 78 10.2
Ms J JONES 104 26 78 AWAY
MR D WALKER 98 20 78@ 20.1
MRS J MASTERS 106 26 80 26.1
Mr T Clarke 86 4 82 AWAY
MR D DAVIDSON 90 8 82 7.7
MRS M WATSON 110 28 82 28.2
MR I HOOLEY 94 11 83 10.8
MR I PILLING 92 9 83 9.3
Mr P FERRABY 92 8 84 8.0
MRS J KAY 102 17 85 17.1
MR G WARNER 107 21 86 21.1
MRS P COWAN N/R 21 N/R 21.5
MRS B MASSEY N/R 19 N/R 19.3
MR A ALMOND N/R 18 N/R 18.1
MR B ROE N/R 17 N/R 17.4
Mr D Smith N/R 12 N/R AWAY
MR A WATSON N/R 10 N/R 10.5
MR G LAVELLE N/R 12 N/R 11.7 Disqualified - Card Not Signed
MR J FALLOWS 99 15 84 15.0 Disqualified - Card Not Signed

Amarilla Golf Club - Anniversary Trophy










  • · Please help the Captain’s charity and also WIN, WIN,WIN for yourself
  • · Please back yourself and as MANY others as you wish on the 1st tee
  • · Bet from 1€ to a maximum of 5€ per bet

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