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Amarilla Golf Club - Tenerife

Amarilla Golf Club was formed in 1993 by a group of mainly British expats all of whom owned property surrounding Amarilla Golf and Country Club, while having no official representation on the management of the course the club has worked hand in hand with the management and lends many pairs of willing hands when necessary. Accepting their role in providing the course for the 1990 round of the PGA European tour would have been impossible without the help of Amarilla Golf Club members as marshals, scorers, ball spotters, etc. The members of this club have played a major role in promoting golf in Tenerife. The course management recognizes and uses Amarilla Golf Clubs competition results to determine the indexing of the holes on Amarilla golf course.

Amarilla Golf Club runs competitions every Thursday and Sunday but runs most of it's major Tenerife golf competitions during the winter as it has a large contingent of 'Swallows' who migrate to play their golf in Tenerife in the benign climate of Tenerife while mainland Europe either stops playing or plays wrapped in thermals, waterproofs et al. A notice board with entry forms is to be found under the starter's office at the entrance to the changing rooms.

Amarilla Golf Club endeavours to post details and results of all major competitions as well as photographs of award winners under the 'club news' and gallery sections of this site. Members can assist greatly by supplying anecdotes of unusual or interesting items of news or occurrences during any event. The idea of this site is to give members and their families the opportunity to stay in touch with the Tenerife golf scene from anywhere in the world.

A history of past Amarilla Golf Club Captains and their experiences as Captains of one of the two genuine Tenerife golf clubs can be found in the 'Club News' section.

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